Sun Tan City - removing free pkts of tan lotion and reselling them.

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I am a member of Sun Tan City and today while I was waiting to tan, I saw the manager and another employee unpacking tanning lotions and removing the free incentive packets of lotion that were meant for the consumer before they placed them on the sales shelf.They re-sell these free packets for like $8.00.

It is not enough that they mark the lotions up 100%.

They need to get more money for the free packets gouging the consumer.I will never buy any of my tanning products at Sun Tan City after seeing this type of behavior.

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I joined and literally hate going in because it's always a sales pitch.I just want to tan and leave.

will not sign up again.

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Sun Tan City are crooks in every sense of the word. My bank account has been temporarily closed because of them fraudently taking money from my account. Do NOT trust this company with your bank account info.


sun tan city purchases those packets of lotion to re-sell. free packets given to the business are not sold, they are clearly marked "not for re-sale" and any we are given are given to employees to TRY lotions so they can better understand which lotion will help YOU. it's a training process.

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It's correct. I work for STC and we do that or give to employees of the sample is not something we will be getting


sun tan city is like bidders bay in welch,wv they do the same thing.if the sample pack says free it should be free.if it is not free samples they should keep the price down and reasonable.I do when i have them.and no adding tax.angie mullins


Shes right- Sun Tan City does not resell them- because they are a free sample they are not even in the system as inventory, their would be nothing to ring them up under even if we wanted to resell them.

The salon I worked for gave them out to people that wanted to try before they buy, or those who upgraded to a higher level bed.


Those are actually free promo packets which we do not resell.The ones we sell for $6-$10 are shipped separately to us.

The packets being removed from the bottles were tan extender packets which are not sold individually.Many we give out to customers to try for free.


really? you're worried about that? what a boring life you must have.


I would be interested to read any responses if any. Thanks.

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